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Donna Hill Global Dog Village Instructor
Website Coordinator Donna Hill B.Sc.B.Ed. CHI (Certified Heritage Interpreter)
Global Dog Village Bruce Computer Support
Website Developer and Maintenance Bruce Angus B.Sc.

Our Story

Donna and Bruce have been involved with dogs since their marriage more than 30 years ago. They have had multiple family dogs and fostered many others. Bruce was very involved in dog sports while Donna enjoys teaching dogs and people. Since 2008 they have helped people with disabilities train their own service dogs. They currently share their life with Lucy, a still-active senior border collie mix.

With all of the information available online, they realized what was needed is a place online where like-minded people can find all the resources that support them in a positive approach to living with and training their dogs. They created Global Dog Village!

As you look at through pages of Global Dog Village, look for photos and links to positive product and service providers.

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