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Certification for Dog Professionals

Dog Trainer Certifications

(for Dog Trainers, Dog Training Coaches and Canine Behavior Consultants.) 

Thank you for stopping by! This is the place to find out where you can advance your dog knowledge and skills to the next level! 

Below are a collection of programs that are offered for people who train dogs and their people. Some programs teach the trainer to teach dogs, others teach you how to teach the dog and the human and some teach you to teach the dog, the human and offer some business start-up resources. Duration and prices vary widely and may be in different currencies. 

Most organizations are known by their acronyms so they are presented first.

University Programs

Bergin University (certificate, undergraduate degree and Masters programs)
(Note: Their website states they use positive humane methods on dogs but also gave a  reality tv dog trainer who promotes the use of punitive methods an honorary degree. Do your research!)

Specialty Certificate Programs

These certifications offer specialties in specific topics of handling or training a dog. They may be completed in addition to the certifications above or as stand alone specialities. 

Professional Training Associations

It may be helpful to join one of these organizations as you can network with like-minded people and members agree to follow specific ethical standards. 

Business Support

If you run a dog business, check out these companies. They will help you succeed! 

If you know of other reward or science-based certifications or organizations who offer certifications that promote ethical training approaches with dogs, please contact us with the information.

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