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Here is a list of conferences globally. Some are online only, some are in-person, some are both, some are free and they happen all over the world. 

Free Online Conferences


May 2022
  • Humane Canada

Online Paid Conferences

The Dog Behavior Conference

April 2022
  • Victoria Stillwell

Working Dog Conference

April 2022
  • Working Dog Conference U Penn

Contructional Affection 2022 Conference

July 2022
  • Constructional Affection Animal Welfare and Training

Science Camp (returnees)

Sept. 2022
  • The Clicker Center Alexandra Kurland

Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science SPARCS

TBA 2023
  • National Canine Science Research Council

Clicker Expo LIVE

Jan. 2023
  • Karen Pryor Academy

In-Person Conferences - North America

Clicker Expo 2022

Washington, DC
Mar. 2022
  • Karen Pryor Academy

Animal Care Expo Humane/Humane Society of the US

Orlando, FL
April 2022
  • Humane Pro

FDSA Training Camp

Willmington, OH
May 2022
  • Fenzi Dog Sports Academy


Banff, Alberta ---Partly online
May 2022
  • Humane Pro

International Society for Anthrozoology Conference

Boise, Idaho
July 2022

Aggression Dog Conference

Providence, RI ---Partly Streamed live
Sept. 2022
  • Michael Shikashio

International Association of Canine Professionals

Pont Verde Beach, Florida
Sept. 2023
  • International Association of Canine Professionals


Daytona Beach, FLA ---Partly Streamed live
Oct. 2022
  • Assoc of Professional Dog Trainers/Canadian Assoc of profressional Dog Trainers

Art And Science of Animal Training Conference

TBA 2023
  • Art and Science of Animal Training

Animal Training Methods

Warsaw, Poland
Nov. 2022
  • ATM Conference


Nottingham UK
Dec. 2022
  • WOOF Conference Ltd.


Canine Cognition and Canine Human Interactions Conference

Tokya, Japan
Nov. 2022
  • International Research Conference

Past Conferences 
(for future planning)

Dog Training Virtual Summit

FREE ONLINE, Pay option
Jan 2022 (completed)
  • Dr. Ian Dunbar

Kindness Essential Not Optional

Feb. 2022
  • Dr. Holly Tett

Empowered Dog International Dog Trainers Summit

Free Online
Jan. 2022 (completed)
  • Empowered Dog

Science Camp (newbies)

Feb. 2022
  • The Clicker Center Alexandra Kurland

Lemonade Conference

Feb. 2022
  • IAABC and Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

GOATS (Global Online Animal Training Summit

Feb. 2022 (streaming avail) after event
  • Animal Training Fundamentals with Barbara Heidenreich

International Conference on Dog Behavior and Training

Rome, Italy
Feb. 2022
  • The International Research Conference

Animal Assisted Play Therapy Online Conference

March 2022
  • International Institute for Animal Play Therapy

Holistic Dog Care Summit

March 2022
  • Pet Summits

If you know of other conferences in the future, please contact us with the information!

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