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Dog-Related Job Titles for Humans

dog walker
dog product tester
dog sitter
pet nanny
doggy spa
dock diving facility
reputable breeder
vet technician
security dog handler
yard clean up
dog yoga instructor
dog app developer
website content copywriter
dog trainer (teaching dog only)
dog training coach (teaching people to teach their dogs)
dog behaviour consultant (behaviour modification)
kennel owner
kennel inspection agent
kennel attendant
cruelty investigator
bylaw/animal control officer
professional dog show handler
pet photographer
portrait artist
dog sculptor
police dog handler
animal communicator
dog clothing designer/manufacturer
dog equipment design/manufacturer
canine actor handler/wrangler
talent scout
dog business coach
therapy dog coordinator
food preparation/seller
matchmaker (finding a dog)
animal husband for research facilities
office support for dog business
tourism sled dog guide
dog transport company
dog transport company
dog bakery
dog activist
Dog toy creator
dog fashion designer
death doula for families losing dogs
administrator for trainers
social media specialist
sales representative (for dog products)
graphic artist for dog business
veterinary laboratory technician
canine midwife
puppy raiser/trainer for the first few months
wellness and lifestyle coach
crematorium/pet cemetery
service dog trainer-board and train dogs
service dog training coach-human
service dog training centre manager
shelter worker
pet adoption counsellor

Requires Minimum of University Degree

mobile veterinarian
psychologist or psychiatrist with animal assisted therapy
cognitive researcher
neurology researcher
ethology researcher
genetic researcher
veterinarian with dental specialist
orthopaedic vet
canine chiropractor
ethnocynologist (studies dogs and wolves in cultural context)
canine nutritionist
canine physiotherapist
canine massage
canine water therapist
animal rights lawyer
Peri-natal veterinarian (monitoring service)
dog handler for zoos (dogs as companions for endangered animals)
dog handler for conservation dogs, goose dogs, termite dogs, bed bug dogs, cancer sniffing, bacteria, mold, lost dogs, cadaver
dog law solicitor
canine anthropologist
canine archaeologist
university professor
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