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Jobs for Dogs

Is your dog looking for a job? Then check here! Make sure there is a match between the job and your dog’s energy levels, temperament, natural tendencies, health, emotional resilience and general desire to do the job. Of course, you need to make sure you are also up to to working with your dog in the environments needed by the job! 

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Sniffing Jobs

    • conservation dog-finding endangered plants, animals, whale, koala
    • virus and bacteria detection dog
    • airport (illegal plant and animal matter)
    • human traffic dog (find illegal human cargo)
    • bedbug/termite detection
    • mold detection
    • cancer sniffing
    • cadaver dog
    • truffle dog
    • pipeline leak detection 
    • poacher sniffer
    • art protector-sniff out bugs boston museum of fine arts
    • wine molecules The Natinga Project has trained dogs to detect 2,4,6-trichloroanisole (TCA)

Service Dog

There are many different roles under the general umbrella of “service dog”. Each grouping requires different temperament, stamina and drive for the the job. 
    • search and rescue
    • cadaver dog
    • police dog
    • border patrol dog (narcotics, contraband, explosives/mine detection, 
    • plastic detection (dvd’s), sim cards, money etc)
    • guide dog for the blind
    • assistance dogs may help with: 
    • mobility
    • hearing alerts
    • seizure alerts
    • diabetic alerts
    • allergy alert
    • gluten detection
    • psychiatric tasks
    • Alzheimer’s tasks
    • autism tasks

Jobs with Other Humans

  • therapy dog-senior care homes, schools, courts, universities, funeral home,
  • airport
  • resident therapy dog in care homes 
  • animal assisted therapy dog in Psychiatrists office
  • air travel escort
  • death dula-trained to recognize death and keep dying company
  • water rescue dogs
  • lifeguard dogs -Croatia
  • mascot/greeter
  • research subject for cognitive and behaviour studies

Jobs with Other Animals

  • companion/raising exotic species (Cheetah in Cincinnati zoo)
  • ranch dog-herding cattle, sheep, ducks
  • livestock guarding dog
  • wildlife guard-bird island foxes
  • airport/golf course goose dogs
  • injured deer trackers (vehicle hits)
  • foster parent for pups who lost their mom
  • blood donor
  • decoy dog for reactive dog class.      
  • hunting dog

Security Jobs

          • property guard dog
          • security patrol dog
          • fire house dogs

Entertainment Jobs

      • performer/actor-tv, film
      • trick dog-at therapy and birthday parties
      • trick dog-sports games half time shows
      • model

Pulling Jobs

              • sled dog
              • cart dog

Do you know of other jobs that dogs do?

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