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Small Business Collaboration! Get Involved! 

We need your help to promote science-based ethical interactions with dogs!

Are you a small business that offers a dog-related service or product?

Do you use a humane ethical positive approach to interacting with your dogs for daily living, training or behavior modification?

Then we want to hear from you! 

We want our website to be THE resource where people turn to to find trusted services and products they need for their dogs. The internet offers so many options, it is overwhelming and time consuming to weed through all the information. We want to help everyone find trusted services and resources.

What are we looking for right now?

Pet portrait artists, photographers, and crafters. 

We are in the process of building our website. Take a look at our pages. Come up with a photo or graphic that might work on our website. It might be an example of a custom dog painting, cartoon or scene you did for a client, or of one of your own dogs. It might be a dog craft or product you make for sale. If you make equipment, make sure it has a live dog model in it!

Provide us with a clear bright jpg or png photo. Max size is 2GB. Ideally 1500 pixels wide or tall. (Bruce can crop it.)

Make sure you have your signature or watermark on artwork where it won’t be cropped off for copyright purposes. 

Submit with:

            • your name,
            • company name,
            • city and
            • state/province and
            • website or social media page.

We will post it on a page with your contact information next to the photo. Web visitors see your product and follow the link to your site if they like it. 

All we ask is a back link (or a specific page) placed on your website somewhere permanent. That way we support each other. 

Then, share the website with your friends and family!

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