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Looking for free podcasts? Here is a list of the best dog and animal podcasts! A variety of topics for everyone! Perk up your ears and listen! Great for driving trips and commutes! Some of them are older but they are still great to learn from. 

Bravo Dog Knowledge Renee Erdman
Canine High Jinks Elissa Looney & Whitney Taylor
Canine Nation Eric Brad

Cog Dog Radio Sarah Stremming
Confessions of a Dog Trainer Bethany Johnson
Dogcast Radio Julie & Jennie
Dog Star Dr. Ian Dunbar
Drinking from the Toilet Hannah Brandigan
Enlightened by Dogs Kathy Kawalec
How Do You Train That? Kat Camplin & Becca Hintz

NEW!  Just Shaying Shay Kelly
Karen Pryor Clicker Training Podcasts Karen Pryor

NEW! Legion of Dogs (Multiple Dog Living) Jade Zwingli and Christina Young
Paws and Reward Marissa
Positively Victoria Stillwell
School for the Dogs Annie Grossman
Sexier than a Squirrel Tom Lauren
The Family Pupz Tanya & Charles Lim
Your New Puppy Debbie Solento

Keep scrolling! There’s more below the sheltie painting!

Custom painting of a rough collie
Custom Painting Copyright Clare Chatigny 2022

ClareBear Creations
Kelowna, BC Canada

Sport Dogs
Dogs That Susan Garrett
Service Dogs and Other Working Dogs
Service Dog Secrets Victoria Warfl
Service Dog Nation  Nancy Sommers
Working Like Dogs Marcie Davis 
Gun Dog Training
Aggression in Dogs
Bitey End of the Dog Michael Shikashio
Animal Training (for training keeners)
Zoologic Dr Grey Staford 

Breeding Dogs
Functional Breeding Jessica Hekman

Dog Business Tips
Modern Dog Trainer Inez McNeil
Single Episodes of Interest
The Food Chain How Not to Feed a Dog Marc Bekoff (USA), Shirin Merchant (India), Louise Glazebrook (Uk) (Available until Jan 2023.)
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