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Poop Quiz!

Your dog’s droppings can be a good indicator of health problems. It is important to watch it daily to get an idea of what is normal for you dog. You will need to become a “Poop Detective” to sleuth out why the residue is different colors of different days. Think back to what your dog has eaten in the last 24 hours. If your dog eats mostly kibble, he will likely have pretty consistent color and texture of excrement.  Any variation will be easy to see. If you notice any major changes over a day or two, that may be time to contact your vet. If you top the kibble with fresh food or feed home cooked raw, then the bowel movement may vary quiet a bit. Scientists dissect scat to determine what an animal has eaten and find out about their habits. Here is a quiz to test if you can identify what your dog has eaten by the color of his faeces.  

Match the color on the left with the probable cause on the right.

Dog Poop Identification Quiz

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1. c There may also be tiny seeds in the scat. Color varies by what type the dog has eaten. 

2. a Because dogs can’t break down plant material well, the color may come through.  You may even find chunks of undigested vegetables such as carrots and kernel corn.

3. e Raw chicken especially with a bit of bone tends to come out of the dog a somewhat yellow color. 

4. b If your dog has eaten a lot of green plant material, the scat will have a greenish color.

5. h Any dark meat such as liver treats, heart or even red meat cause the poop to have a darker brown color.

6. d This may be caused by a pathogen like Parvo or Giardia. It may also be accompanied by a bad smell. Get your dog to your vet quickly!

7. f This means your dog has eaten too much bone and is constipated. It turns whiter with time. Give your dog some canned plain pumpkin or other fibre to help make him regular.

8. g This may be caused by tearing of the membrane as the poop comes out. Small streaks are normal especially if the dog is constipated. If you see fresh blood in any medium to large amount, a vet trip is in order.

Of course, runny or watery poop can be a problem too. It can be caused by too much fat in the meal. Keep an eye on your dog’s hydration levels if she has the runs, especially on hot days. With puppies even more so as they dehydrate quickly!


Bonus Points if you noticed that there are many different terms that mean “Poop”. How many did you count in the paragraph above the quiz? 





Did you spot all 6?

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