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Here is a list of the best Youtube dog training channels available!  Support the trainers! If you like their videos that you watch, tell the trainers you do by “like”-ing the video.

Better yet, “subscribe” and receive great free training solutions  in your inbox! Subscribing is positive reinforcement for the trainers to make the videos for you.   
If the channel owner has an idex to their videos, it is added afterwards.

General Dog Training (How To)

Dog Painting

French Bulldogs
Priscilla Cash Artistry (custom commissions US$50 and up)
York, Pennsylvania

Sport Dogs

Trick Training


Behavior Modification

Service Dog Training

Animal Training Webinars (longer talking head type videos)

Animal Welfare

Dog Business

Empowered Dog Channel (Interviews with various trainers)

We are looking for non-commercial channels (meaning smaller channels that offer free good quality content) and show a dog actually being trained, not just a trainer talking about a dog being trained. 

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