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Index to Donna Hill’s Videos

Table of Contents

Getting Started in Clicker Training

Target Training

Training Concepts

Habits of Effective Clicker Trainers

Clicker Training Puppies

Impulse Control Behaviors

Training Recall

Dog Care nail clipping, feeding, toys etc

Sue Ailsby's OLD Training Levels

(an excellent program to train your dog through to teach both you and the dog the basics of clicker training.  See her web-site for more information.)

Level 1 Come, down, sit, nose target, zen (leave it) 
Level 2 Part A Distance (around), Down, Go Mat, Handling, Sit, Stand, (stick) Target, Watch, Zen 
Level 2 Part B Sit stay, down stay, stand stay, come, leash manners, crate, trick 
Level 3 Part A Crate, go bed, down stay, sit stay, front, finish, heel, retrieve, shaped trick (shut the door), target, contact 
Level 3 Part B  Stand stay, sit at 10 feet, down at 10 feet, watch, distance (around) at 4 feet, stand, loose leash, handling (pee on cue), scenting

General Training Principles & Approaches



Preparing for the Competition Ring

Rally Obedience training

CARO Novice Moves (Canadian Association of Rally Obedience)

CARO Advanced Level

CARO Working level


Treibball (push ball)



Observation Skills

Techniques to Use with Fearful/Reactive/Aggressive Dogs

Starting out with an Owner-Trained Service Dog

Service Dog Information Videos

Assistance Dog Tasks

Shaping Dog to Interact with Medical Equipment 
Counter Conditioning Service Dog to Crutches

Body Targeting

Pulling Tasks

Pushing Tasks

Assistance Dog Retrieve

Light Switches

Hearing Alerts, Anxiety Alerts and & Other Medical Alerts (Diabetes, Alzheimer's etc)

Wheelchair Skills & Tasks

Unloading the Dryer


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