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Dog Research Centers

Check out the amazing array of dog research centres wold-wide! Many of them accept pet dogs as research subjects to help humans understand how a dog thinks and perceives the world! If you live in that area check to see what they topic are currently accepting dogs for!
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Public Institutions

North America

Canine Cognition Lab Toronto, Ont. 
Brown Dog Lab Brown University Rhode Island, NY online research 
Duke Canine Cognition Center Dr. Brian O’Hare Durham, North Carolina 
The Dog Lab Yale New Haven, CT  Looking for research volunteers
Canine Cognition Centre Canine Science Collaboratory Dr. Clive Wynne Phoenix, Arizona 
Arizona Canine Cognition Center Dr. Evan McLean Tucson, Az
The Canine Cognition and Human Interaction Lab Jeff Stevens University of Nebraska 
Canine Cognition Center Boston College 
Dog Aging Project University of Washington


Genius Dog Challenge Budapest, Hungary
The Dog Lab Jena, Germany 

Clever Dog Lab Vienna, Germany (website in German)  (looking for research volunteers)


Working Dog Centre Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand 
Animal Behavior, Welfare and Anthrozoology Lab University of Adelaide, South Australia

Private Institutions

Service Dog Research Saskatchewan, Canada Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Research
Morris Animal Foundation  Animal Health Research

Data Bases

CBarq  Contribute to Standardized Evaluations of Canine Temperament and Behavior

Darwin’s Ark   Add Your Dog: Looks at genetic influence on heath and behavior

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